Top 20 Chinese Entertainment Stocks By Market Cap

Rank Market Cap (Bill)CompanyExchangeSymbolCore - Business
19.2Wanda Film Holding Co LtdSHE2739Cinemas & Film Distribution
28.3Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group Co LtdSHA600637Cable TV / Film & TV Show Production
36.4Perfect World Co LtdSHE2624Film & TV Show Production
44.9China Film Co LtdSHA600977Film Production & Cinemas
54.3Alibaba Pictures Group LtdHKG1060Film & TV Show Production
63.4Beijing Enlight Media Co LtdSHE300251Film & TV Show Production
73.3Huayi Brothers Media CorporationSHE300027Film & TV Show Production
82.8Zhejiang Huace Film and TV Co LtdSHE300133Film & TV Show Production
92.3Beijing HualuBaina Film&Tv Co LtdSHE300291Film & TV Show Production
102.3Hunan TV & Broadcast Intermediary Co LtdSHE917Cable TV / Film & TV Show Production
111.5Contemporary Eastern Investment Co LtdSHE673Content Distribution
121.4Beijing Jingxi Culture & Tourism Co LtdSHE802Film & TV Show Production
131.4Zhejiang Talent Television and Film Co LtdSHE300426TV Show Production
141.3Shanghai Film Co LtdSHA601595Cinemas & Film Distribution
151.2IMAX China Holding IncHKG1970Cinemas
161.2SMI Holdings Group LtdHKG198Cinemas
171.2Shanghai New Culture Media Group Co LtdSHE300336Film & TV Show Production
181.1Baofeng Group Co LtdSHE300431Internet TV
191.1Wuhan DDMC Culture Co LtdSHA600136Sports & Drama TV
200.9Zhejiang Wanjia Co LtdSHE300576Animation

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