Top 20 Chinese Online Gaming Stocks By Market Cap

Tech conglomerate Tencent holdings is worth 3 times as much as the rest of the Top 20 Chinese Online gaming Stocks By Market Cap which is no surprise considering that it has a database of 1 billion plus customers and it’s gaming revenue dwarfs that of major Japanese brands in Sony and Nintendo.

In 2nd place is Nasdaq listed Netease and 3rd is Wuhu Shunrong which used to be into auto parts manufacturing, Wuhu is not the only stock in list to have changed its core business considerably, Youzu has transformed from an umbrella manufacturer to a tech stock and Kingnet was a shoe maker. This is a great example of how Chinese companies can quickly change and adapt in line with market forces rather than wither and die as the economy transitions.

The depth of listed online gaming stocks in China is staggering, to think that when we looked at global gaming stocks previously there was just a hand full of companies from traditional manufacturing country’s like the US and Japan, whilst in compiling the Top 20 Chinese there were over 50 to consider.

Shenzhen is home to over half the list and is really coming of age as an exchange as more and more technology and financial services ipo’s come on board, which is great for international investors as Shenzhen stocks can now be purchased through Hong Kong.



List Criteria:

Minimum Market Cap: 500 Million USD

Country Coverage: China

Sector Coverage: Technology

Source: Eqibeat Staff, Compiled 9/3/2017

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